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Who are we

The Tradisys crew was founded in November 2017 rallied together as a squad of passionate blockchain developers. Having considered all the advantages of the Waves blockchain and prospects of its programming language called RIDE, the Tradisys crew started with running its own small node. Today, the Tradisys node is the most profitable leasing pool that distributes 100% of the collected reward per forged blocks. In addition to this, the Tradisys team actively contributes into decentralization by releasing different useful tools within the Waves network.

As active participants of the Waves ecosystem, we are working hard on developing products that allow us to show the potential of blockchain technology. For example, the Centaur Oracle (randomizer) developed by our team is now widely used by the Waves community. Some projects use Centaur to hold their own lotteries. Furthermore, we developed the very first dApp on RIDE called Waves Xmas Tree. The dApp turned out to be successful. Everyone had an opportunity to enjoy it during the Christmas holidays. All the funds collected in the dApp were donated to a children's hospice!

Collaboration with the Waves Team

Our activity, reached development milestones and enthusiasm couldn’t be overlooked by the Waves team. Due to collaboration with the Waves Platform, Tradisys became the most active participant of the network contributing to the organic ecosystem progress.

The advantages of blockchain technology

As you may know, the new long awaited Ride for dApps feature has been recently activated on the Waves Mainnet. We are determined to demonstrate the full power of the blockchain technology and make everyone happy with new revolutionary dApps in the frames of the ecosystem and our goals. There are a lot of advantages in blockchain based apps. The main point is definitely transparency: you can easily track all your actions and investigate the smart contract to make sure that everything was processed smoothly and according to the attached script. Let's consider the types of games and applications, where values are involved. So, the second point is that only public blockchains can provide reliable trustless system. You don't have to trust your opponent, as well as you don't need any other reliable third party or centralized regulator to guarantee that the game is fair and there is no way to cheat on you. Blockchain and smart contract guarantee that! These are not promises or legal regulations, this is a technical side of the blockchain. And, of course, you can always double check it on your own.

Our mission

Our objective is to become a game changer within the dApps industry. We want to attract more and more people to use blockchain, proving to everyone that all the existing solutions for non-blockchain applications and games are outdated and require substantial improvements. Blockchain dApps are easy to use, they are not for techies only. The blockchain technology provides all the turnkey solutions for full transparency, speed, scalability and 24/7 access worldwide. So, we are aiming to fulfil the Waves ecosystem with high-quality dApps. Those dApps can be used to solve different types of issues. Among other things, we are always pleased to share our experience in dApps developing with other programmers and blockchain enthusiasts who don’t know where to start. We would be pleased to see you in our cozy Discord server!