Waves Community Lottery

Developed by Artem Badrtdinov

Welcome to the Waves Community Lottery! Buy at least one of 100 squares and get a chance to win the whole game balance at the end of the round. One square costs 1 WAVES or 1 WCT (Waves Community Token). The winner will be determined when the last square is bought out: the number of the winning square is the remainder of the last block signature number on division by 100.

lottery chance



? users
24 Hours: 0
7 Days: 1
30 Days: 4
Total: 25

The number of wallets that had interacted (transactions) with a dApp’s smart contract(s).

? transactions
24 Hours: 0
7 Days: 1
30 Days: 7
Total: 535

The amount of transactions represents the numbers of actions between users and the dApp that involve smart contract interactions.

? volume
24 Hours: 0
7 Days: 0.045
30 Days: 3.075
Total: 55.859

Transaction volume of tokens to the dApp’s smart contract(s), which is the amount of tokens spent in the dApp.

? fee
24 Hours: 0
7 Days: 0.045
30 Days: 0.075
Total: 2.844

The total amount of fee that is charged for performing transactions on smart contract. The fee is collected in order to process the transaction on the network.