Ride on Waves

Developed by Tradisys

Do you dare to run this tide? We made this game as flexible as possible. You can choose how many WAVES you want to bet. This is the game with a floating bet from 0.5 and up to 6 WAVES. Make a bet that suits you! Of course, the higher your bet, the more you can win. Due to the fact that the game is built on the Waves blockchain, it does not require the trust of the parties to each other, nor does it require the intervention of a third-party intermediary. The game is trustless, fair, and transparent.

tradisys game waves



? users
24 Hours: 14
7 Days: 17
30 Days: 38
Total: 51

The number of wallets that had interacted (transactions) with a dApp’s smart contract(s).

? transactions
24 Hours: 33,966
7 Days: 245,405
30 Days: 942,777
Total: 967,975

The amount of transactions represents the numbers of actions between users and the dApp that involve smart contract interactions.

? volume
24 Hours: 21,976.145
7 Days: 159,741.1
30 Days: 648,172.075
Total: 665,128.96

Transaction volume of tokens to the dApp’s smart contract(s), which is the amount of tokens spent in the dApp.

? fee
24 Hours: 169.83
7 Days: 1,227.01
30 Days: 4,713.922
Total: 4,839.914

The total amount of fee that is charged for performing transactions on smart contract. The fee is collected in order to process the transaction on the network.