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What dAppOcean is all about?

dAppOcean is an ecosystem of decentralized applications based on the Waves blockchain, which was created to help others to build high-quality dApps and spread the word about them in the frames of the Waves ecosystem.

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is, in the simplest of terms, a growing list of records, called blocks, that are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data. All the data which appeared in a blockchain network is stored there forever and can’t be rolled back, changed or removed.

What is a dApp?

A dApp is a decentralized application. DApp can be a website, mobile app or something else. As long as the code responsible for main app logic is running on blockchain, it is a dApp. As opposed to centralized applications that run on a single computer, decentralized applications is running in thousands of computers worldwide.

What are the advantages of dApps comparing to non-blockchain apps?

  • A dApp can't be shut down because it is built on the blockchain powered by nodes. The simultaneous shutting down of all the nodes is quite unlikely.
  • The blockchain technology guarantees that all the collected data is stored forever and never lost.
  • Blockchain provides the full transparency of operations. In addition to this, the script of the smart contract can be viewed at any time.
  • No middleman is required, as the smart contract ensures that the conditions are met.

What can dApps be used for?

Coming to the use case of decentralized applications, these apps can be classified based on the scenario they can be infused into. We can categorize dApps into several segments that are also its potential use cases: charity fundraising, DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), money management and transfer, public DBs, loyalty systems, identity and access management, marketplaces, prediction markets, etc.

Can I run a dApp on a mobile device?

Not yet. However, the Waves Platform team is working hard on developing the mobile version of the Waves Keeper. Once this version is available, you'll be able to run a dApp on a mobile device.

How to create and deploy my own dApp?

At this moment you’ve got an awesome chance to join the community of techies who help everyone interested in the growth of dApps ecosystem on Waves blockchain. You can also go through the quick survey created by the Ventuary DAO. Besides the guidance that they provide, you can apply for a grant from Waves Labs for your dApp or project.

How do you calculate dApp Users?

DApp users count is the number of unique wallet addresses interacting with a smart contract that belongs to a dApp. Most of the time one user uses one wallet when operating with a dApp. However, it is possible that the same user uses multiple addresses. Considering this case, all his wallets will be counted as various dApp users.

What should I do if I found a bug?

Every case must be considered by our team separately whether there is a bug or not. If you’re pretty sure that you’ve found a bug and want to report about it, please contact us in Discord. Our team will respond to you as soon as possible.

Can I get a general knowledge about WavesPlatform?

Waves is building a next-generation web with a decentralised toolkit for online services bringing greater privacy, security and convenience.

How can I get WAVES?

You can check the list of all exchanges where WAVES can be bought via CoinMarketCap. After that, just deposit your WAVES assets to a newly created account within Waves Keeper. Bear in mind that all Waves addresses start with “3P”. Find more info here.

Why I can trust the products listed on your website?

All the products listed on the dAppOcean source are controlled by the consensus of the network and powered by smart contracts which guarantee immutability.

Why did you choose the Waves blockchain?

We investigated different blockchain platforms before we get started with Waves platform. As a result, we decided to drop an anchor within the Waves ecosystem, because there is an awesome environment for development, many implemented features and important milestones reached by the team. Also, our views on decentralization and the importance of user privacy are consistent and coincide with the course chosen by the WavesPlatform team!

What browsers are supported by Waves Keeper?

Waves Keeper has been rolled out for Edge, Brave, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera browsers. This extension is available for desktop browsers only yet.More info about Waves Keeper can be found here.

What is going to happen if I delete my browser extension Waves Keeper?

Nothing bad is going to happen in case your SEED phrase has been saved and stored in a safe place beforehand. The only step is to reinstall the browser extension Waves Keeper suitable for your browser and reimport your account by filling in or pasting your secret words there.

What can I do if my SEED phrase has been lost?

A SEED phrase which contains 15 random words is the most important thing to be safely stored when operating an account within the Waves ecosystem as this is the only way to get access into your wallet if your password and other credentials have been forgotten. Write down it and store in a safe place, save a copy and archive it or even learn it by heart!

Is the procedure of KYC required?

Absolutely no! To get started with dAppOcean service and all the dApps listed on it you need an internet connection, one of the browsers supported by the browser extension Waves Keeper, installed Waves Keeper, an account created within the extension and… here we go!

How do I get in touch with you?

We would be pleased to see you in our cozy Discord server.